Maria Barry (7/6, from LinkedIn community): It is a well thought web site. Colorful and attractive. As a mother and a Greek teacher I really like it but you have to understand the dialect and know the history and politics to really appreciate it. It may not appeal to the second or third generation Greeks. Add some kids activities.

Publisher's answer: Thanks for your comments. We are struggling to have ALL articles translated, so that the site is TOTALLY bilingual, as intended. The Greek language we use is not altered in any way; we intended it to be like that, and use the English translation for help. We are in constant search for certain children activities, that can relate to our cause. Thanks again.

John Kyriakides (18/6, Interesting website.

Sophia Economou (18/6, via Facebook): ... your site looks very interesting. Can you tell me a bit more about it? Is it aimed particularly at kids?

Publisher's answer: Thanks. Well, initially it was intended for kids 6-15; however, now I realize it may be of general interest for all ages. The thing is, it is intended to be bilingual - so that everybody can relate to the material - plus everybody is welcome to contribute to the material.
I know that Greeks abroad strive to have their kids learn the Greek language, history and tradition, so this is our main goal . P.S. You need to register, to view recent stories. We would love to have your feedback and suggestions.